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2020-02-28 15:55 Jul 16, 2010 On my Windows Server 2003, there is a folder PCHEALTH inside Windows folder. Everyday, 3 files with the filename is generated on the path

May 05, 2010 i run out from hard disk memory because the files are too big and 80 GB get filled in just 3 to four days. kindly guide me. Thanks. Imran what is windows pchealth errorrep userdumps

I am running Windows Server 2003 cluster as a member server and I have a folder on my SystemRoot drive named. This folder is using

Jun 16, 2009 The PCHealth contains files and subfolders to support the Microsoft Help Center Service. so you can safely remove the content in the folder. Hi, This folder is used to contain user dump files. When a program crashes, a user dump file will be created for us to analyze. It is safe to move or delete the user dump files. what is windows pchealth errorrep userdumps

How can the answer be improved? We have one of Windows 2003 servers having a lot of cab files like which are eating away a lot of disk space. Can someone advise if I can delete them or how to stop them? Thank you very much! My Exchange 2003 SP2 server has over a gb of HDMP files in They are old files, so I'd like to clear them out. How do I do so safely? Can I just delete them? what is windows pchealth errorrep userdumps (Inside this folder you will see files with extentions. hdmp and. mdmp. OR. (Inside it) Go into these locations and delete these files. This is manual task which is tedious one if a number of workstations are with you. So then we come to Group Jan 25, 2012 I've been getting large dumps (about 500 mb) and I'm trying to figure out a way to analyze these files but have not been able to. Opening in Notepad just shows me a bunch of hex tables, Windows DebugDiag didn't work nor did their Debugging Tools for Windows help. Oct 14, 2007 Why are they there? The PCHealth folder contains data as part of the Microsoft Help Center Service. The hdmp files are the large, uncompressed dumps from the crashing program. The mdmp files are the compressed dumps that are sent to microsoft. Jun 17, 2009 The. MDMP file is the compressed version The PCHealth contains files and subfolders to support the Microsoft Help Center Service. Make sure you are not removing PCHealth folder all together if so, you are essentially removing ANY form of online assistance and automated PC restoration so you can safely remove the content in the folder.

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How can the answer be improved?

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