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2020-03-29 13:56 How can I get Device Unique Id for windows phone 8. 1? Ask Question 6. I want Unique Device Id for backend service (ws) for that I found following reference. Device Unique id in Windows Phone 8. 1

May 28, 2013 In Windows Phone 8, you can easily get the Unique Device ID using the or method. In order to retrieve the Unique Device ID in Windows Phone, the developer should also include the IDCAPIDENTITYDEVICE capability in the WMAppManifest. xml file. get device id windows phone 8.1

With the Windows Phone 8. 1 operating system out of support and its device backup functionality ending soon, we recommend that customers move to a supported platform, either by upgrading eligible Windows Phone 8. 1 devices to Windows 10 Mobile at the earliest opportunity or by purchasing a new Windows 10 Mobile device where available.

How to get the device unique id in Windows Phone 8. 1? The old way of using does not work for Windows Universal app. get device id windows phone 8.1

I want to get the Device ID in Windows Phone 8. 1. The or DeviceStatus are not available in WP8. 1 (there is no Microsoft. Phone. Info namespace). I've just found the class that I can't get the Id from it. There is an exception in the Id property: And other properties are't unique. Oct 12, 2012  One of many questions about Windows 8 is how to get the device ID, believe or not is not straightforward and for a long time i even ear many times that this wasn't even possible. Apparently after RTM this becomes possible. Many times you need this to grant: push notification correct behavior to grant that a authenticated app is running Apr 25, 2014 How to get device unique id in Windows Phone 8. 1? ? The old way is not working for WP8. 1 since Microsoft removed Microsoft. Phone Namespace. Any help? get device id windows phone 8.1 Hello guys, I need to get ID of Android and WP device. I have no problem with Android, but there is one with WP. I try to use this method: Windows Phone Device ID. (Windows Phone 8. 1). This solution also doesnt work. 0. JohnHardman GB University mod. May 09, 2016 Mobile device management (MDM) in Windows Phone 8. 1 is based on the Synchronization Markup Language (SyncML) version 1. 2, which is the Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning standard for device management. Windows Phone 8. 1 builds on this standard to create an integrated MDM client that allows MDM system vendors to manage Windows Phone devices. May 13, 2013  Quick Tip: Getting Device ID on Windows& Windows Phone May 13, 2013 2 Comments When building out apps, there are some situations where you are required to get a unique ID of the device whether it be for analytic data or to potentially limit devices Windows App Tutorials: Learn to build better apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Get GPS coordinates in Windows Phone 8. 1 app Windows App Tutorials If your app needs users device location to personalize his experience then the first step would be get its GPS coordinates.

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