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2020-04-04 05:40 When people talk about TCP tuning on Windows platform, they always mention about TCP Window Size. I am wondering whether Windows uses the concept of Socket Buffer Size ? On Windows XP, the TCP window size is fixed.

@Tariq Please try getsockopt with parameter SOSNDBUF, you can get the socket buffer size. BTW, you can set the size of socket buffer through setsockopt with windows 2019 tcp send buffer size

The TCP window uses 16 bits. This means the maximum size of the TCP window is 65, 536 bytes (216). This poses a problem; to fill up the 100 Mbps pipe over a path with 80ms of latency we must use a TCP window of 1 MB, but the TCP window can only grow to 65 KB.

A review of the debug logs, or the TCP windows size in the packets of a network trace, suggest the operating system (OS) is ignoring the setsockopt API call to adjust the TCP memory for the socket. windows 2019 tcp send buffer size

Feb 26, 2015 Windows 7 sends data of this application in 16K chunks while Windows XP uses upto 1MB chunks. So I think its some problem (or feature? ) with default send buffer or flush interval of Winsock in Seven. What I need is some registry key or other way to set default send buffer size of Winsock. Thank you in advance for any help. Based on my understanding, each socket is associated with two buffers, a send buffer and a receive buffer, so when I call the send() function, what happens is that the data to send will be placed into the send buffer, and it is the responsibility of Windows now to send the content of this send buffer windows 2019 tcp send buffer size

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