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2020-03-29 12:36 How to transfer a file over FTP from my local Windows machine to a server Linux machine, that to the folder location can only be opened with a username and password. How to do that, I know, how to move one file from one location to another location on the same machine. Thanks.

I have additional information regarding the issue we are having on SFTP From UNIX to Windows. Apparently, in a typical UNIX to UNIX situation if I am server A and I want to connect to server B with sftp and not be prompted for a password then I create a ssh key pair on server A and put the public key file on sftp from unix to windows machine

Hi i need to FTP files from windows to unix(sun) machine using script. what are the scripts commands i need to use to transfer files Thanks The UNIX and Linux Forums

Is there any way where we can develop a script that would run on Windows and FTP files from Windows local machine to a Linux server. I'm not interested in using sftp from unix to windows machine

sftp do all thing over ssh, so if you want to use sftp, you must have a successful ssh connection, in this case, your local machine is a ssh client and remote machine is ssh server. By default, Windows machines do not have a ssh server, so you can not use sftp with them. Jul 06, 2017 FTP. This is considered another good method to go for since there is a built in FTP client inside Windows: This method supports mutual file transfer; in other words, it allows its user to transfer files from Kali to Windows and vice versa. This aspect is not supported through HTTP. Jan 31, 2008 FTP from Linux to Windows. hi, I remotely login to my Linux server via SSH from Windows client. Now I am in Linux Server. I can ping to my windows client too. Is the FTP service on the Windows machine listening? A good (and quick) way to check is with netstat. tcpdump on the Linux machine will tell you the connection states also, but sftp from unix to windows machine Though as you SSH into the Linux server from the Windows machine, you actually can download a file from the Linux server to the Windows server, instead of trying to upload the file from the Linux server to Windows server. In you have an SSH access from Windows to Linux, you have an SCP access too (or even better an SFTP access). Here is how you can FTP a file from your windows client machine to a Unix server box. Open the command line by going to Start Run and type cmd. SFTP server and client. Last week's README file demonstrated how easy it is to turn virtually any desktop machine into an SFTP server. Today's piece shows how to automate a wellknown Windows FTP from Linux to Windows server. Ask Question 0. I'm writing a script to do a sftp to Windows (Server) from a Linux machine. I wanted the script to run without manual inputs like inputting password etc. In computing, the SSH File Transfer Protocol (also Secure File Transfer Protocol, Secure FTP, or SFTP) is a network protocol that provides

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