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2020-02-24 08:25 Changing the locale settings of Windows 7. Use the same setting as you use with 'Standards and Formats' which will probably be English (UK), and the result of the next printer installation should be a default A4 paper size. Unfortunately, you have to reinstall all printers after you changed the NONunicode printers setting to automatically let them use the default A4 paper size.

W7 Default Paper Size. I will check tomorrow and see how the default Windows printer is set. LVL 111. John Business Consultant (Owner) Commented: . Applications can pick up the default printer settings and change them for its purpose. However a well behaved application should not change the main defaults. windows 7 default printer page size

Aug 22, 2017 I've just upgraded from Windows 8. 1 to Windows 10, and I'm really frustrated on a simple thing: how to change the default paper size setting to custom size? Previously this is not a problem, but on Windows 10 the option is no longer available from the printer's advance settings.

Feb 01, 2019  Hi. I have a set of PCs, each connected to a label printer via USB. I need to set them all to have a nonstandard default paper size (7. 2cm x 3. 7cm rather windows 7 default printer page size

Jan 30, 2014  Set the Printer's Default Paper Size This script sets the default paper size used by the printer. It first checks to see if the paper size is already set to the desired size. If yes, the paper size is not updated. If no, the paper size is updated and the original and changed paper sizes are reported back to I would like to be able to get the default page size of all windows printer devices on a windows server (2003 in this instance). This should be not the DefaultPageSize property on the Win32Printer WMI object, but that which is set via the printer driver. Nov 04, 2012 How do I set the page size for printing in Windows 7? Answered by a verified Technician. When I print from Sony laptop CPCF12C5E with Windows 7 and Word 2010 with document set to A4, the printer (with paper size default set to A4) always resets to letter size. windows 7 default printer page size Apr 16, 2018 When you add a printer, it is configured to use a default paper size based on the current regional setting. If you then alter your regional settings to a region that uses a different size of paper, your existing printers are not automatically updated to use the new paper size. Printer default page size I'm having a very peculiar issue with printer default page sizes with a web based app. The PCs (Windows 7) are connected to both an OKI MicroLine 9pin label printer containing 8 x12 fanfold paper and a HP LaserJet containing A4. A: To create a custom paper size in Windows 7, perform the following: Open the Devices and Printers control panel applet. Create a new form size by selecting Print server properties. On the Forms tab, select Create a new form; enter a name and select the attributes, then click OK (see screen shot below). Windows 7 Print server properites Page Setup dialog boxes differ among programs and print models, but the following list describes the options that youll find most often and the settings that usually work best: Page Size: This option lets your program know what size of paper currently lives inside your printer. Leave this option set to Letter for printing on standard, 8. 5x

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