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2020-02-21 20:37 How can I completely disable IPv6 from all network adapters on a Windows 7 Pro. computer? The use this method to rollout that configuration change to hundreds of computers? Is there perhaps a script? What I am looking for is to disable or uncheck the ipv6 settings. I want it to be grey'd out or disabled.

But it's how IPv6 more easily supports the configuration of multiple addresses and address types on a single interface. Figure 3 shows an example of the DUID and IAID for the LAN interface on a Windows 7 ipv6 duid windows 7

Feb 08, 2011 How to setup DHCPv6 for IPv6 on a Windows 2008 R2 ServerAs you probably know, DHCP issues IP addresses to systems when the system boots and needs an IP address, saves you from having to go to each

Feb 27, 2013 Your computer is connected to a network that supports IPv6 connections, but fails to be assigned an IPv6 address using DHCP. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may indicate you have a duplicate DHCPv6 DUID and point you to this article for resolution. ipv6 duid windows 7

DUID A DHCP Unique IDentifier for a DHCP participant; each DHCP client and server has exactly one DUID. Each interface has an ID, called IAID Interface Association Identifier that is a binding between the interface and one or several IP addresses. Mar 26, 2013 Host: Windows 7 (Embedded Standard) DHCP server: Windows Server 2008. We make DHCP IPv6 reservations using IAID and DUID. And this works pretty fine. Some of our hosts are regularly reinstalled with windows 7. We figure out that after each reinstall the DUID changes. Then, after each reinstall, we have to report the change to the DHCP May 25, 2016 When I disabled IPv6 on the Windows 7 computers, that notice went away and network access returned without the need to reboot the computer. Now I have a site where this popped up again. This site, however, is on Windows Server 2012. I'd prefer not to disable IPv6 everywhere since it's coming and I'd like to be prepared. ipv6 duid windows 7 Windows 7 does that DUID is the same. It picks one MAC address from one NIC and then sends it along. It sends a different IAID for each one though, I believe.

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