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2020-02-27 09:06 Feb 22, 2008 The minimum hardware specifications for Microsoft Vista Home Basic are as follows: 800 megahertz (MHz) 32bit (x86) processor or 800MHz 64bit (x64) processor. 512 megabytes (MB) of system memory. DirectX 9class graphics card. 32MB of graphics memory. 20 gigabyte (GB) hard disk that has 15GB of free hard disk space. Internal or external DVD drive.

Mar 03, 2008 Answers. Microsoft Vista looks for a 20 GB or 40 GB HDD, depending on what version you install. However, it only takes up 15 GB. Windows XP looks like the minimum system requirements are 1. 5 GB or free space. windows vista minimum hard drive size

Windows Minimum Requirements. STUDY. PLAY. Windows Vista Home Basic: processor. 800 MHz. Windows Vista Home Basic: Memory. 512 MB RAM. Windows Vista Home Basic: Hard drive size Free space. 20 GB hard drive size, 15 GB free space. Windows Vista Home Basic: Disk requirements. DVDROM Drive. Windows Vista Home Basic: Video.

Feb 16, 2011 I have a 32bit Compaq Presario C700 751NR laptop loaded with Windows vista Home Premium. The current internal hard drive is 120 GB, but I would like to replace it with the maximum capacity hard drive considering the laptop model and the operating system on it. Hello, what is the maximum hard drive size windows vista 32bit manages? [quotemsg windows vista minimum hard drive size

Ideal hard disk size seems to change all the time. That said here are some current rulesofthumb 256 is typical and very workable for a notebook Solid State Drive (SSD). (We have found 128 can be tough to live within. 0. 5 TB is typical for a PC workstation thats connected to a peertopeer or Windows Server. The system requirements for Windows XP are as follows: 233 MHz Pentium processor 64 MB of RAM 1. 5 GB free space on hard drive VESAcompliant graphics. Partitioning a hard diskdrive or creating a hard disk partition in windows vista using the disk management utility is quite simple. However you must have administrator privileges to partition the hard drive. Also you can do the partition in windows vista, using the disk management utility, only if the drive or volume to be partitioned is in NTFS format or it is unformatted RAW. windows vista minimum hard drive size Microsoft reveals minimum spec for Windows 10. Microsoft announced as much a logical move since theyre doing their best to wipe the Vista deja vu from In terms of hard drive Nov 13, 2017 In the Initialize Disk dialog box, click GPT (GUID Partition Table), and then press OK. Note If you select this option, this hard disk will not be recognized by Windows versions earlier than and including Windows XP. ; Check the Disk Management window to verify that the disk is initialized. If it is, the status row for that disk at the bottom of the window should indicate that the disk is Online. In reply to: Minimum partition size for Vista install? my vanilla vista premium install has the windows tree consuming 7. 5gb. office 2007, adobe, and a few other apps have the programs tree at Jun 01, 2015  Microsoft has set the minimum system requirements for its newest operating system in stone. As expected, Windows 10 follows more in the line

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