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2020-03-29 14:30 RetroFit Double Glazing, nationwide for Aluminium and Timber windows. Double the performance of your windows for a warmer drier more comfortable home with Metr

This led Thermoglaz to pioneer and develop the best retrofit double glazing system available today for wood and aluminium windows. Whether you are double glazing timber framed windows, or aluminium framed windows; well provide you with the most professional and reliable system available. Furthermore, well guarantee your double glazing stands the test of time. double glazed windows nz

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For a warmer home in winter. Winterglaze Double Glazing is designed to reduce heat loss through inefficient single pane windows, which up till now, have been the traditional windows installed in NZ homes. A single pane of glass quickly conducts precious warmth from inside your home, to the outside environment, which is a waste of energy and money. double glazed windows nz

Double glazing for new and existing homes with the option of Low E double glazing. Find an Outlet. Find an Outlet. Double Glazing; Double Glazing. Double Glazing Windows Story. Double Glazing Process. Low E for New Homes. Low E Commercial. Solar Control. Sound Proofing. Security. Custom Double Glazing. RetroFit Double Glazing. Checklist for double glazing. These are less likely to attract condensation and will lose less heat than windows with standard aluminium frames. Compared to standard aluminium frames, thermally broken aluminium frames reduce window heat loss by about 20 and uPVC or wooden frames by about 40. To separate the two panes of glass, most double glazing companies rely on metal spacers, which conduct heat, directly contribute to heat loss and are more susceptible to stress cracks and seal failure. Our double glazed windows, on the other hand, are built with Super Spacer Triseal, double glazed windows nz Retro Wood provides double glazing units to replace single glazed windows, ensuring you get the full benefit of latest double glazing technology! Double glazing provides two sheets of glass separated by a space bar with different options of Argon gas filled to produce higher insulation qualities. Kiwi Double Glazing, NZ specialists in retrofit double glazing, double glazed replacement windows, new build and thermal break windows. Free online estimates for your house or project. Auckland and Tauranga, New Zealand Retrofit alternatives to double glazing If you have an older home, you may be able to upgrade your windows without completely replacing them with new double glazed units. This will depend on the type and condition of your existing single glazed windows. Welcome to home comfort with double glazing If youre thinking about double glazing your home, talk to us about our retroGLAZE solutions. Genuine, highperformance double glazing for existing homes that looks great, performs exceptionally, and is built to last.

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