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2020-04-04 06:53 Mar 23, 2010 Developer: Avalanche Publisher: Square Enix Eidos Interactive Release Date: 23 Mar 2010 it is not working Notes Save files named like etc. Game settings are stored in Enix\Just Cause 2\Saves\JC2Settings

This game save contains all of the locations 100 completed with the minimum number of missions done. This is for those of you who want to focus on the story, and less on the mindless destruction. Keep in mind one location is not completed (see images). just cause 2 save game location windows 8

Just Cause 2 'everything unlocked and nothing destroyed' save game. [Hardcore mode You have enough chaos, to all be unlocked ( ). Not too much money ( ) It's destroyed 8 objects by game script in first 2 agency misssions. All other objects waiting to be destroyed. Extraction will be unlocked when complete one location to 100 or when finish mission 'Ups and down

May 11, 2013 I have an old save I wish to use, but the game will not recgnozie it. I started a new game and saved, but can not find THAT save location (the new one). I have the old save file (which I want to use) but can not figure out where the game reads the save game locationsand I have checked trhough my documents square save AND through the steam random number remote thing. just cause 2 save game location windows 8

Aug 16, 2015 A Just Cause 2 (JC2) Mod in the OtherMisc category, by SnowGuy13 Just Cause 2 Game files OtherMisc 100 Savegame A Mod for Just Cause 2. Members see Todos. License. 0. Likes. Embed. Thanks. Admin. Permits. Flags. Report. Savegame done by me: ) I did this save game by myself, it took some time, but here it is. oh yeah and this Mar 23, 2010  Just Cause 2 Negative Mouse Acceleration YouTube Just Cause 2 PC FAQ Square Enix Forums Just Cause 2 GeForce Nvidia forum post with decal issues Nvidia forum with decal issues fix by Guzz Billy Smiles Evans solution on the Steam forums For your info: There is a way to change FOV GameSpot UK Just Cause Aug 15, 2010 CarlosLeao 8 years ago# 1 Im playing this wonderful game, however i need to make a windows reinstalation and i dont find the folder where i have my saved games; cause i want to save it to a external disk, so in this way i can continue the game after the new instalation. just cause 2 save game location windows 8

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